Nitrous and Oral Sedation

Nitrous sedation is one of the simplest and safest types of sedation for an anxious patient. Also known as “Laughing gas” nitrous oxide, is one of the first used forms to help anxious patients. It is most commonly used with children at our office. Dr.Chad Tibbo will be happy to discuss if nitrous is right for you.

Oral sedation will more commonly be suggested for anxious adults but can be used in conjunction with nitrous. If oral sedation is used, the client will need to have someone bring them to and from the office as they will be impaired.

  • Is sedation harmful?

    Nitrous is the safest form of sedation for any age. The effects are gone within minutes after the gas is turned off.  

    Oral sedation is also very safe but it does require personal assistance following the procedure, as the effects do linger.

  • Do I need a drive home?

    With nitrous, you are capable of driving yourself.  With oral sedation, you need a driver.

  • Do I still need to get a needle?

    Every case is different.  Most of the time you will, but sedation reduces the fear of the needle.