Bill graduated from  Dalhousie University’s  Faculty of Dentistry in 1974 and established the Hampton Dental Clinic in 1975.  Thirty-six years later he still operates out of the same location.  It would be an understatement to say that he has a passion for both dentistry and his patients.

Dr. Rector’s main interest is root canals. He also focuses on preventive dentistry, salvaging existing teeth, crowns, bridges and failed root canals.  If you are told that a tooth must be extracted, make sure you check with Dr. Rector first.

Check out a few of his “One Appointment Makeovers”.

The restoration of the Canterbury Dental Clinic is testament to the fact that he has no interest in retiring any time in the near future.

Prior to dental school, Dr. Rector graduated from McGill University with a degree in agriculture.  He worked in this field for several years, and this could contribute to his interest and successful treatment of several animals during his practice of dentistry, including such things as a German Sheppard guard dog and an African elephant!