General Restorative

A wide range of services from cosmetic correction of teeth to restoring broken or decayed teeth.

  • Are silver (amalgam) fillings safe?

    Yes, they are. They have been around for decades and have proven to be incredibly effective as a long-term restorative material. On the other hand, most people today prefer tooth-colored restorative products. They also are extremely reliable long-term products.

  • Why are fillings different prices?

    Filling price is based on the product used, the size of the filling required and what tooth (anterior, bicuspid or molar) is being treated. The professional dental association provides a recommended fee guide.

  • Can I eat after I have a filling placed?

    If it was a silver filling, it is important to know that it takes about 24 hours for it to reach its final compressive strength. Soft food for the next day. Don’t eat peanuts or hard food during that time.

    White or composite fillings are different. Because they are light cured, they are hard as soon as you leave the office. Enjoy your peanuts.