Extractions & Wisdom Tooth Removal

Extractions are a necessary evil in the dental field. Teeth may need to be removed for many reasons: making orthodontic space, infection, fractured, bone loss. Every situation is assessed on an individual basis with many options available for comfort and to minimize anxiety.

  • Can an abscessed tooth be removed?

    Normally yes. More difficult to anesthetize, but yes we can normally remove the infected tooth and get the person out of pain.

  • Do I need to be “put to sleep”?

    Not normally, but if required, it can only be done in a hospital setting.  If you think you will require sedation we can offer nitrous or oral sedation OR we can refer you to a specialist for IV sedation.  All options work well depending on your needs.

  • Do I need to take time off work ?

    Usually no, however that depends on how complicated the extraction is and what type of work you do. We can work with you to schedule you close to the end of your work shift or before your scheduled days off.  

  • Do I stop taking my blood thinners or other medications before an extraction?

    Discuss this issue with your doctor.