Children’s Dentistry

Dental education is extremely important for children from the time of their first tooth. Our enthusiastic office members help to ensure that children have a good experience at the dental office that will have a positive long term effect. Whether it is the first visit, or an emergency visit we offer many options to ensure comfort and care.

  • How old should my child be at their first visit?

    2-3 years of age is a good time to start. Your child likely won’t allow us to do much, but a fun ride in the chair and the opportunity to get used to the sights and sounds of a dental office can help make a child more comfortable.

    At that age, we will most likely do a simple clinical exam.

  • Should I ( the parent or guardian) be chairside with the child?

    The Canadian Dental Association recommends that children do MUCH better with just the dentist and assistant in the room. On the other hand, some children feel more comfortable with a parent in the room.

    This will vary depending on the particular dentist and or the childs previous dental experience.