Environmental issues

Gone Green at Canterbury

We strive as much as reasonably possible to reduce our carbon footprint.

Some to what we think are important issues and what we have or have not done are as follows:

Digital Front End: this means we do not use paper charts. Look at our front reception area and you will notice that we do not have paper charts and file cabinets. Inbound paper is scanned and stored in digital form. We encourage communication from other offices in email form.

Digital Xrays: This is very significant technology.

  • It means we do not use gallons of developer and fixer to process xray film.
  • We do not purchase and use xray film
  • we rarely have to do retakes of xrays as a result of improper processing, spent chemicals or lost film.
  • digital xrays require less exposure at the xray head. This is important with regard to our radiation hygiene policy

Building restoration:

Because we sandblasted our walls and ceilings, we were able to greatly reduce the amount of wood, gyprock, paint and other building materials that normally go into a building.

Extra Insulation in the ceiling not only reduces heat loss, but pays dividend in our heating costs.

Three residential heat pumps (one for each floor) are on the roof. This is very energy efficient and allows us individual temperature control on each floor.

Toilets are all water efficient.

Stairs are designed for easy climbing and even though we have an elevator for all three floors, most people (believe it or not) use the steps. We are especially pleased that our staff rarely use the elevator.

Recycle roof rain water: It was a great idea that we were going to do, however, when investigated in more detail, it wasn’t realistic as roof water is contaminated and dirty. Even for the toilets, it would require a treatment system that was not practical for a small operation like ours.